Hope for Tough Times

Compassion and Help for Those Enduring Difficult Trials

Hope for Tough Times
(previously published as Grace for Tough Times)
Revell, 2009; Soterion, 2013

Everyone experiences difficult times in life. If you’re struggling right now, this book will help you break through the barriers that can keep you from finding God in the midst of illness, injury, broken relationships, unemployment, personal loss, and other life challenges. Clear Bible teaching illustrated with the life experiences of many Christians take you on a rare journey into the heart of God. The compelling honesty and wisdom in each short chapter will bring renewed hope no matter what you may be facing. Exploring the unchanging truths of Scripture will encourage you to believe that God has not abandoned you in your trials, but will bring special blessing to your life through them. The lessons you will learn here–tests of faith, surrender, obedience, joy, forgiveness, and more–will bring a deeper level of maturity as you emerge from your  tough times into a new place of freedom.

“Mary Nelson has been a blessing to so many hurting people and Grace for Tough Times will expand her gracious ministry to all who read it.”
–Neil T. Anderson
Discipleship Counseling Ministries

“What a wonderful book! Radiating warmth, its pages spill over with practical wisdom on how to connect with God, receive his grace, and move on with your life when tough times stand between you and your future.”
–Dr. Gary D. Kinnaman
Author and Senior Pastor, Word of Grace Church, Mesa, Arizona

“Mary J. Nelson has come through the Refiner’s fire, not once, but many times. She has come to know his voice and trust his promises. Grace for Tough Times vividly describes each test you might face in life’s journey. Her counsel, the personal stories, and the powerful passages from Scripture will help you ‘to drink deeply from the well of his infinite love.’ If you are discouraged or frightened, angry or lonely, this book comes just at the right time. You will be refreshed and hope will be restored.”
–Bill Bohline
Lead Pastor, Hosanna! Lutheran Church

“Mary Nelson has done it again…written a book that touches the deepest places of my heart. We all go through trials, some more than others…and what helps is having a hand to grab in the middle of the fire. Through her book, Grace for Tough Times, Mary has offered not only a hand, but a hope that will see all of us through the tough moments. Get a copy, not only for yourself, but for that friend you have who is doing their best to stay afloat in very stormy seas.”
–Holly Wagner
Author of Godchicks; When it Pours, He Reigns; Daily Steps for Godchicks

“Mary Nelson’s Grace for Tough Times is a wonderful book to show us how to pass life’s 10 greatest tests and reach spiritual maturity. I recommend it.”
–Alice Smith
Executive Director, U.S. Prayer Center and author of Beyond the Lie

“From start to finish Mary Nelson has woven real life thoughts and experiences together that refresh and comfort me as well as anyone who reads this. Whether in need of encouragement through everyday challenges or if you are the encourager, the reality through new or renewed faith in God is introduced gracefully. I believe this book will help change people’s hearts and thoughts in areas of life that seem difficult and unchangeable. In dark times, it will ignite peaceful light and hope. A must read book for all seasons and situations of life.”
–Pat Moe
Pastor of Care Ministry, Hosanna! Lutheran Church

“In Grace for Tough Times, Mary Nelson delivers God’s message of hope and help for our hurts and brokenness. Her inspiring personal stories provide comfort that we are not alone as Christians when we struggle. The ten tests of the tough times are presented in a clear and concise manner that will profoundly transform every reader with an open heart and mind.”
–Rose Busscher, PsyD, LP
Christian Psychologist at Life Development Resources, Lakeville, Minnesota

Grace for Tough Times was written so you wanted to keep reading, keep learning, and keep receiving. This book points out the tremendous amount of hope, strength, and God’s grace that comes when you simply ask. I heartily recommend Grace for Tough Times for anyone who needs comfort, strength, and peace in the storm. —Christian Books for Women

The author of Grace for Tough Times speaks from experience. She has seen some tough times—unemployment, loss of property, cancer. Yet she offers wisdom and encouragement to those who are facing their own difficulties. This book offers short, inspiring readings revealing Nelson’s own triumphs and those of others.—The Navigators
Reader testimonies

Today I was in my local grocery store, shopping, and thinking about my life.  I suffer with depression and there are days when I am at a loss as to how to cope. But this afternoon was different. As I went to the checkout to pay for my purchase, there on a shelf was Hope for Tough Times. I picked up the book and almost fainted as I read the first chapter.  In 3 minutes, God used the book to give me the hope that I so needed in a dark and painful time in my life. There was only one copy and I believe God put it there just for me. This is a book that I will keep and cherish, a life changing book that points the reader to the very heart of God. —B.B.

Six weeks ago my husband left me for another woman and I felt so hopeless. I work in a hospital and went to our gift shop and bought a copy of Hope for Tough Times.  At my lowest points, I can pick up your book and it speaks directly to me. Although you are a stranger, your words have gotten me through some of those days and nights when the flames are all around me. I would be remiss if I did not thank you for writing such a beautiful book. Your words are like a friendship to me.—S.G.

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